Since 2014, which marked the creation of, the Shoestova brand has become one of the most recognised fashion destinations both internationally and regionally in the Middle East.

Founded by Natalia Shustova, Shoestova has seen large success in the past three years and now runs over multiple media platforms with high level of exposure. Shoestova showcases Natalia’s personal work as a model, stylist and digital creative in addition to her collaborations with leading fashion brands and industry professionals. Natalia Shustova is acknowledged as one of the most sought after fashion digital personalities. She maintains her finger on the pulse on what moves the fashion industry, serving as a recognised influencer and tastemaker. Closely monitoring fashion, design, retail and beauty industries, Natalia is always a step ahead and on to the next thing, before it is the ‘next thing’. In addition to her social media success, Natalia Shustova’s unique creative direction has produced dynamic digital campaigns, editorials and creative projects that have seen large success with international fashion, beauty, jewellery and watch brands. Shoestova is a daily necessity for our loyal followers and a digital world for women to visit and get inspired with unique, beautiful and professional curated content.