With Holiday season just around the corner, Guerlain launches a new collection of their classic make-up products
that serve as a great gift to loved ones or maybe even yourself. 

 “A Moveable Feast” is Paris, as described by Ernest Hemingway; and the new collection pays homage
to the city of golden lights, beautiful streets and celebrations of life decorated in festivities. 
1. Météorites Gold Pearl
Guerlain’s signature finishing powder comes in golden colors (for the first time) in a refined classic gold packaging.
Just few strokes will light up your complexion and reveal all its radiance. 

2. Rouge G
A creamy, plumping and ultra pigmented rouge lipstick (in 2 shades) that conveniently lasts forever and has a small mirror.
3. Gold Light Topcoat
Add drama to your eyes with golden sparkles on the tips of your lashes.
Instantly illuminate your eyes with a unique finishing touch to your look. 

4. Palette Gold
A compact that offers a complete make-up set (face, brows, eyes and lips) to create a golden chic look.
Wet and dry buildable textures allow to transform your look from day to night & ready to party. 

5. Terracotta Gold Light
Guerlain’s sun-kissed highlighter is an absolute must-have from the entire collection for a dreamy glow.

Guerlain Holiday Collection will be available online and in-stores starting November 1st worldwide.