Botox is Always a hot topic. Whether you’re pro or against it, we all know there are both certain benefits and downsides to the treatment. In a recent interview with Savoir Flair (here) , Natalia candidly spoke out about her personal experiences with botox. “I am a firm believer that with good skincare can keep you away from botox injections,” she says.  Shoestova choice of skincare is LA MER (!), the brand we absolutely swear by. Give it 6 months and it will transform your skin into a smooth, firm and youthful complexion.

In light of the topic and Natalia’s sincere passion for top skincare products, Natalia shares her everyday skincare routine:

1. Cleansing
Cleansing is the key to a healthy and flawless skin. All the residue of the day or night must be washed away with a gentle yet effective cleanser. I give preference to the La Mer Cleansing Foam because it leaves my skin soft and bright. It gives a boost of moisture to my skin (does not leave it dry and tight) because of a very rich and concentrated formula. A small amount of it goes a long way, so it will lasts for some time.

2. Masks
When it comes to masks, I prefer to alternate between Intensive Revitalizing Mask, for promoting the renewal process of the skin, and Lifting and Firming Mask ,for pore tightening and face sculptingdepending on what results I’d like to achieve (by the way they both smell divine).  Sometimes, I like to leave the Lifting and Firming mask overnight for absolute stunning results.

3. Serums
Serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper into your skin to deliver the active ingredients. Due to higher level of concentration, they can give your skin smoother and firmer texture, and increase the level of moisture. The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum helps energize and plump up my skin, and when you reach a certain age, all a woman wants is toned skin and neckline, so the Lifting Contour Serum does the job for me. It visibly lifts and contours my jawline, reduces fine lines, and promotes collagen production. 
4. Moisturizers
While serums are higher in concentration, they only moisturize to a certain extent. For ideal results, it has to be followed by a heavier moisturizer. Personally, I like to use lighter moisturizer for summer months like Moisturizing Soft Lotion (helps to keep those oils under control), and heavier ones for winter such as the Moisturizing Cream, an absolute iconic product, for dewy and radiant skin. The products has to be broken down/warmed up between  fingertips and applied by pressing it into the skin (NO rubbing). 

5. Eye Cream
Last but not least, eye cream! It is a lifesaver and a miracle that hides away all our worries, makeup damage and partying days. For a deep hydration I go for The Eye Balm Intense that comes with an applicator. However, if you’re looking for blepharoplasty surgery effect, The Lifting Eye Serum is the solution. I have been looking for such a product all my life. The product is pure MAGIC, and it does exactly what it promises and lifts the eye (literally sucks in your muscles and tightens area around it!). You have to invest in the serum and trust me you will not regret it.

My experience with La Mer skincare has been eye-opening (literally and figuratively). If you invest in the best skincare that works for your skin, you will not even consider botox. We all are beautiful in our own natural way, so let’s take the time and effort to indulge in skincare and embrace our flaws.