What is our skin if not the most diva personality on our body? Each of us have different types of skin, therefore what works for one individual does not necessarily work for the other. Moisturisers – can do your skin plenty of good, but only if you have got the right one in your hands. And luckily the number of CRÉME DE LA CRÉME moisturisers have gone up lately, so really, you’re spoiled for choices. Pick your poison.

Our beauty editor tried, she tested and is emerging with plenty of feedback making it easier for you to put a tab on the right kind of moisturiser for your skin. 

Re-Nutriv Estee Lauder

According to Estee Lauder, they promise that this product will reveal a dramatically younger and more contoured look – visibly renew skin at any age. 

The best way I would describe this face creme is that it is like SILK. Slides on your skin and leaves it with a healthy glow and gives firmness. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs just a bit more help with aging areas on their face.It even calms the redness down considerably. Not to worry about that scent – it barely holds one.


White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire La Praire

Essentially what this product was designed for was to brighten your skin and get rid of any shadows, which could have been caused by sunburn or pigmentation after laser treatments. 

Since I personally do not have any discolouration in my skin and face such problems I was unable to detect any changes regarding this matter. However, it is safe to say that it absorbs well into the skin and does give it a healthy look overall. It added contour and gave me a radiant fresh look. 


Essential Energy Shiseido

With this cream you are promised to get a visibly smooth, deeply hydrated skin that glows from within. And it really did do what it said it should, exceeding all expectations. Made my skin so smooth and was accompanied by a luscious smell and beautiful texture, a great recommendation for those of you with sensitive skin. Totally in love. 


The Genaissance Collection La Mer

 The new Genaissance de La Mer Infused Lotion has a  heavenly smell and according to La Mer it becomes pure velvet on the skin and leaves it hydrated, softened, nourished and strengthened. I found that it did give my skin a good hydration and that it works great as a makeup base making it a very versatile product. It is best when followed by The Eye and Expression Cream from the Genaissance Collection.  

 The expression cream essentially has to help transcend the evidence of time by healing and the hydration revitalizes the look of eyes. What I realised with the Genaissance Eye Cream is that it doesn’t have an overpowering scent, although it may not be suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, as I did sometimes experience watery eyes. Overall puffiness, fine line, dark circles and any expression lines fade, and you are left with a plumped and rejuvenated complexion.


Ioma Ma Creme

Ioma is No. 1 in personalised skincare, the brand is made just for you. A skin measuring device is used to make any of their products as well as their Ma Creme exclusive to your skin, the details are yours to keep for future purchases. Since it was custom made to my skin, after using it for a week, it proved to be great for my skin and suited it very well. With its light and fluid texture it provided my skin with optimal moisturization throughout the day.