Living in a fast paced world we seem to forget about our skin – before we know it, we have an unwelcome wrinkle on our face or sagging skin. 

Introducing Dior’s Capture Youth, their serums may be the answer to our worries. Dior science has compiled the first mix & match active age delay regimen, which acts now in order to maintain the skin’s youthful reserves, while delaying signs of aging even before they appear. We are happy to see a beauty brand catering to the millennial generation by creating something which is more affordable and gives results. Want to learn more about it? So here you go!

This skin regimen comes with an antioxidant creme and 5 targeted serums: The Plum Filler, the Glow Booster, the Matte Maximizer, the Lift Sculptor & the Redness Soother. What we love about this line is that it allows for personalization depending on your skin type. 

Our beauty editor tried and tested it for the past 6 weeks and here are her thoughts: 


This cream is a very quick absorbing and light, with a luscious smell. Left my skin looking radiant and gave it a glow which could not be missed. I mixed and matched it with the Capture Youth Lift Sculptor or the Glow Booster serum before makeup and bed. However, it depends on your preferences and what works best for your skin routine.


I was a bit quick to judge the oily consistency of the Glow Booster, however, when applied I found that it sinks into the skin and lives it deeply hydrated. Not only did it  hydrate, it also brightened and smoothed my skin, unbelievably. It also proved to be a good base before applying my foundation. If you suffer from an oily complexion we suggest you use the Matte maximizer to tone down the glow.


With this serum, I could get a matte finish (just like how models rock on magazine covers). It helped with controlling the oil levels of my skin throughout the day and left it with a soft-focus matte finish.


After using this serum, my skin was left with a plump, full and elastic complexion. It was very gentle on my skin and left it super polished, hydrated and nourished. We would describe it to be a breakfast for your skin in the morning.


For us firmness in skin especially on your face is imperative, and this serum helped increase the firmness of my skin. It also gave it a dewy texture which stayed throughout the day. I applied it in the morning to give the dullness of my skin an awakening. However, don’t feel discouraged to use it before bed, it was equally effective.


If redness is an issue for you do not fret, the Redness Soother gives immediate results – what a game changer. Once I applied the serum it soothed and calmed the redness and the corrective green tinted texture helped to neutralize the redness.



Below are the 3 different ways to use the products, suggested by Dior Beauty Specialists:
1. Layering: Applying the serum before the Capture Youth crème.
2. Mix and Match: 2 to 3 drops of the serum added directly to the Capture Youth creme for faster application
3. Daily or as a 1 month efficacy: Apply a serum to the creme every day when your skin is particularly stressed out!

Our beauty editors tip is to mix and match the serums of your choice with the creme, for best results. The glow booster and lift sculptor will definitely be 2 of the 5 serums, which you will find on our shelves!


Below is a Q & A with Lauren Watts (Dior’s Skincare Specialist) about Dior’s Capture Youth products:

Q: What is the best combination of serums to achieve the results for someone with young skin and with more mature skin?
A: If you have younger skin, I recommend the Glow Booster serum and an additional serum that targets your main skin concern (either the Plump Filler, Lift Sculptor, Redness Soother or Matte Maximizer).
If you have mature skin, I recommend going for the Plump Filler and Lift Sculptor serums.

Q: Can you use the serums or the cream in combination with other brands/products to achieve the same results?
A: Our serums can be used with other brands. However, for optimum results, you should apply the Capture Youth serum first and then layer with your moisturizer. Using the serum and Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Crème is best.

Q: What are tips you can suggest for someone with younger skin?
A: It’s best to take care of your skin as soon as possible and invest in good products – you only have one face. It’s a lifetime investment…Prevention is always better than cure!
In other words, the time is NOW. Get into the habit of a beauty routine with a good cleanser, toner, a serum and a moisturizer. Don’t forget to add sunscreen – in years to come you will be glad you did!

Q: What are tips you can suggest for someone with more mature skin?
A: We all age but we want to age gracefully. Ensure that your beauty routine is a bit more advanced. You will need a separate day and night cream as we tend to need the TLC at night and since our skin is resting and has limited external aggression. This makes night creams a must as they are more active and helps with the repairing process. Don’t forget to go the step further and add the Dior Capture Totale One-Minute mask twice per week and an additional mask afterwards. Masks I recommend are the Dior Life masks (either the Extra Plump, Glow Better, Pores Away or Sleeping Mask). It makes a huge difference.

Q: What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Capture Youth?
A: Do’s…. use Capture Youth. The only don’t is don’t skip it! It will truly Capture your Youth!