“Make me a fragrance that smells like love.”
-Christian Dior

With Maria Grazia Chiuri as a Creative Director, Dior has been largely celebrating women and emphasizing their collections around femininity and empowerment. Miss Dior fragrance is for women of passion and free spirit, for women who are rebellious yet very soft. The new campaign featuring Natalie Portman, who’s been with the face of the fragrance since 2010, introduces a new elevated scent that “smells” like love.

Here’s the campaign:

The new version of the fragrance is still true to Dior‘s floral scent but has more of fresh notes and accents on citrus : orange to be specific. At first, it gives away sweet and fruity top notes, but as it settles in the base notes of roses, rosewood and a bit of patchouli (it has been reduced significantly in this version) turn into pleasant almost oriental like fragrance. 

Our verdict: if you’re a woman who likes fresh floral scents, this is the scent for you. Perfect for every day!

Dior recently launched a new charity campaign, #DiorLoveChain, with We Movement donating $1 for each Instagram post that uses the hashtag. The campaign poses the question, “What would you do for love?”  

Love is a fundamental emotion that plays a profound role in our lives. It is a state of mind and body that drives our thoughts and sparks our actions, and in those moments of love, anything seems possible. We start making selfless decisions, changing our lifestyle, pushing our boundaries, and breaking out of our comfort zones.  Love can inspire us to make amazing changes and take initiatives that positively impact the whole world. Hence, we’d like to ask you, What Would You Do For Love?

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum is available online at and in department stores across the Middle East.