As I was approaching my 40th birthday celebration, I wanted get myself a truly valuable gift.  Something priceless that I would enjoy in future years to come. Having thought of all possible monetary items one could purchase, I decided the best gift for a woman approaching a mature age, would be preservation of her youth or in other words, ageing gracefully. Every woman starts to search for ways to fight wrinkles, skin sagging and loss of it’s elasticity with injections or a scalpel. However, it doesn’t always have to be extreme.  As part of our beauty collaboration with Euromed Clinic Dubai, I was invited to learn about, and try their latest laser anti-aging treatments : Ultherapy and Fotona 4d Facelift, specially designed to tone and rejuvenate skin. 

To explain to you more about my personal experience , first, you have to know what is Ultherapy and Fotona 4d Facelift. I sat down with my favorite skin guru – Rebecca Treston to answer some of the questions about these treatments.


Why I had it done: Anti-aging

When it comes to aging, my favourite treatment is Ulthera – a treatment that treats the skin from the foundations to its upper layers. It is recognised as the best non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery on the market because of the fact it helps to re-organise aging skin by stimulating collagen, elastin and fibroblasts. Post-treatment tighter, visibly smoother and textured skin can be seen. Depending on your age, you can incorporate Ultherapy into your skincare programme at different intervals. For example:

  • Younger skins can use it as a preventative treatment, having it once every 18 months.
  • For aging skins, it is a great proactive treatment to have annually.
  • With older skin, you can do it every 6 to 8 months to boost collagen levels.

This miracle treatment is winning a slew of accolades for being the ultimate age-defying therapy. In fact, Ultherapy is proven to be the best non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery on the market.

The only skin rejuvenation procedure that uses ultrasound imaging, which has been scientifically proven to yield highly effective results, Ultherapy is acclaimed as a lunchtime treatment, meaning it requires no downtime, only takes 45-60 minutes and leaves you looking younger and more refreshed without a scalpel in sight!

With its ability to stimulate collagen production to tighten the skin around the neck and face, it’s the perfect treatment for those who don’t need (or who are not ready for) a facelift. What’s more, those who have tried the revolutionary treatment are still reaping the benefits two years later.

Treatment details: A micro-focused ultrasound technology delivering energy to different depths in the skin (dermal or even deeper to the connective tissue) Ultherapy creates microscopic points of thermal injury, so it is essential to ensure you are in 100 per cent trustworthy hands. With the success of Ultherapy depending on the number of lines that are used during the treatment, the more experienced the practitioner, the more confident they are with the treatment and will therefore be able to deliver the best possible treatment using the maximum amount of lines, something for which Rebecca Treston is widely acknowledged as the ultimate expert.

Expected Results: While the full results will only be visible within two to three months as the collagen keeps regenerating itself, you do notice an instant lift with skin tightened and lifted by 30 per cent. With the process triggering the body’s natural response to repair-heal and to replace the damaged cells with fresh, collagen-rich tissue, over time this new collagen lifts the skin.

Prices: From AED3,000 approx for eyes – AED18,000 for a full face ulthera session, which takes approximately 90 minutes.

Fotona twinlight

Why I had it done: Skin rejuvenation. This treatment regulates irregularities and evens all the aspects of the skin.

The Fotona 4d Facelift offers the chance for all skin-types to experience facial rejuvenation without any of the negative impacts of surgery. Fotona’s Nd:YAG and Er:YAG wavelengths work together to enable four different modes of lifting procedure.

The first step of the 4D Facelift is a unique procedure called Smoothliftin®. The entire inner surface of the cheeks and lips are treated with non-ablative Er:YAG laser, for tightening, volumizing and restoring collagen starting from the inside out. This reduces depth of the nasolabial and melomental folds (The lines from nose to lips, and lips to chin), and helps restore lip volume.

The second step uses the Nd:YAG laser in Fotona’s Frac3® modality. This enables the treatment of specific, deeper imperfections, as well as restoring a youthful texture.

The third step uses the Nd:YAG laser in Fotona’s PIANO® mode. Controlled deep tissue heating is maintained for a period of time. This promotes tightening and restoration of collagen and elasticity in the dermis and deeper tissues.

Finally, the skin surface is lightly treated with the Er:YAG laser in SupErficial® mode, to provide a smooth, fresh surface and smooth out skin surface irregularities.

The goal is to restore the skin to its normal, more youthful-appearing contours. The look achieved by the 4D procedure is more natural than that of a surgical facelift, as there is no tugging or stretching of the facial features, so this treatment can be used on anyone who has some visible signs of aging.

Most people notice some immediate improvement after the first procedure but anywhere between three to six sessions is the norm, with maintenance treatments between every 3,6, or 9 months depending on lifestyle.

Straight after the treatment, your face will appear red (a similar appearance to sunburn) Then there will be 2-4 days (depending on how sensitive your skin is)  of very mild peeling but this can be easily covered with make up.

As with any other facelift procedure, the duration of the Fotona 4D is not forever. Duration of effects will be enhanced by healthy lifestyle, sun protection, use of an effective skin care regimen and maintenance treatments to keep up the good results.

…anyone who is worried who wants an effective anti-aging treatment. For some people, the signs of aging come when they are in their late 20s, while others might not experience sagging or wrinkling until the late 30s or early 40s. But the treatment can be used on anyone aged in their mid-20s to anyone in their mid-70s.

As an aside, Rebecca can also combine these protocols to deliver a treatment that has brilliant results on scarring, if that is a skin issue and so for this, the treatment can be used on anyone or any age or skin type.


  • Pain Free – As a non-surgical procedure, there are no invasive actions such as cutting, burning, injections or anaesthesia, and the risks are far lower as a result.
  • Safe – As a qualified expert, Rebecca is more than familiar with the range of parameters that you should use for the treatment on different skin types and tones to ensure the best result in the safest way possible.
  • Fast and Immediate Results – Each 4d session only lasts an hour, and yields astonishing and instantaneous results.
  • Natural Looking Lift – As the Fotona 4d Facelift technology works to enhance the skin’s natural components, there is no artificial tightening or distortion, just a return to the skin’s natural youthfulness.
  • Accessible – The procedure is suitable for all skin types, and benefits both men and women – and as it is 15% the cost of a surgical lift, this treatment is also an affordable way to rejuvenate your skin.

Prices: From AED4,000 per session

And now to the interesting part: The Review. 

Having done Ultherapy with Rebecca (who’s by the way simply a magician) at Euromed, personally, I  wouldn’t say it was  enjoyable. Consider it being about a 2 hour long session (I did my entire face and neck area), Ultherapy was pretty painful process, not gonna lie. It felt as if my skin went to the gym and the soreness wasn’t going away anytime soon. It was painful to smile, to laugh or even talk, but let me tell you this … in few months time it turns out it was all worth it! 

If you’re looking for instant effects and immediate results, then go for botox but as you may know, it’s a short term solution. However, if you’re in for a long-term effect, I suggest you invest in Ultherapy. Here’s why: 

1. The results can only be seen in at least two to three month after the therapy.

2. Once the treatment starts working on your skin, you will never look the same.

3. Your skin will have a youthful and fresh appearance, and nobody will understand what is that you’ve done with it.

4. It’s like going back to your younger (skin) self.

5. The results of Ultherapy last about 2 years if you’re living in a hot and humid country such as UAE. It may last longer in colder countries. 

I can solemnly admit that it was the most painful face treatment I have ever done, but if you ask me if I would do it again … the answer is: ABSOLUTELY!  I recommend you do it or at least book a consultation with Rebecca, and trust me you will not regret it.

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