If once lingerie was a hidden part of an outfit, the underwear-as-outerwear trend has given bras – the grand stage debut. Flashing a hint of a lace brallette under a sheer top elevates your look to a Fashion Advanced league.

Looks are to be created with decorative and structured pieces, such as styled Triumph‘s and considered as a new approach to demure dressing.

Layer underneath a sheer blouse, an oversized coat/sweater or your favorite blazer (husband’s/boyfriend’s also works). Lace pieces, with their mood of dark romance, can make the boudoir vibes transcend into your most casual outfits. Alternatively wear with plunging necklines for some alluring sophistication.

Creative Direction and Styling NATALIA SHUSTOVA
Created for TRIUMPH

Rule of thumb is to mix sheer and lightweight upper fabrics with more heavy bottoms, to keep the balance. From stage to street, take on the cues of how to style this trend.

Brining out the bold and sexy in you are the two pillars that Triumph thrives on. Learn to love yourself, learn to triumph life.

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