As a part of our grey area series, this volume will be focusing on how we dress today and on how feminism has a promising place in the fashion world. We are moving from identifying garments as belonging to one sex and starting to welcome the idea of shared wardrobes. ‘Unisex’ was the word used before to identify items that can be shared, however this still coveys that the item has a gender – ‘gender fluid’ is the new term used to best describe shared wardrobes.

Gender Fluidity is a topic that continuously surfaces in magazines and catwalks, such as Vogue and GucciFashion is a voice through which people express themselves and by making it gender fluid individuals are able to convey what they feel or think with more accuracy and zero pressure. Stop Judging…Start Expressing!

Fashion should allow for ambiguity in gender because fashion is art and art should not be limited by black and white boxes. We live in an age of acceptance where an individual can express and be who they are most comfortable with. Current fashion trends are the visual expression of this new wave of thought and that is why this new generation, also known as ‘millennials’ do not see fashion as gendered. 

dress: Co via Moda Operandi | sneakers: Balenciaga (recently featured in our “ugly” sneakers selection here). 

Denim, how does this hard wearing fabric fit in this grey area? Easy! Jeans sure did come a long way as they first were used as uniform for miners and workers, due to their need for strong and durable clothes. In the ’60s, women like Marilyn Monroe added denim to their looks and started inspiring other young women to do the same. Now this material is used as a fashion statement and keeps reappearing in almost every collection. It has been adopted as a gender fluid item for a long period of time and we believe it is here to stay.


Creative Direction and Styling NATALIA SHUSTOVA