While here at Shoestova Instagram has become our go-to app to stay connected with best of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, we thought of sharing our favorite accounts at the moment with YOU! (so now you can see where we get our daily inspiration from!)

Filled with fiery humour memes and on point posts that call out fashion knockoffs and expose the highly no-no practice of copying, the founders of Diet Prada know how to keep those vested in this industry well informed of who’s been the good, the bad and the naughty of the industry.
We must give Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler extra brownie points for saying it as it is and making sure justice is delivered!


With an account that screams of confidence and taking pride in oneself, Theodora Quinlavin is a first transgender model with an impressive international success story in the modeling industry (such as runways, campaigns and billboards). She is a quick way to browse through the hottest looks from ramps and designers across the world while  getting a boost of confidence from the young red headed beauty as she sets herself as a mark for young people around the world to follow. 


Capturing the change face of the Middle East’s art and fashion industry is the work of Cheb Moha and his eponymously account. Browsing through Moha’s posts, one will get a bit of the something old, something new and something blue (well, the sky is always clear in Dubai) with his take on how modernity is optimistically and powerfully causing lifestyle changes towards progress as well as an increase in significance remembrance of traditional roots.


Standing for what independent fashion, underground art culture and the next generation train of thought is all about, Dazed Media is all about promoting that alternative style of living through its thought provoking posts and content that aim at producing results that scream out the meaning of C-H-A-N-G-E!


While his tunes are notorious with bringing the collections of major fashion houses alive on runaways, Michel Gaubert can be the fashion industry’s leading sound director on one end but on the other, he is a fine example of what makes Fashiongram happening. With his posts of pop culture meets intuitive thoughts reflected in art and visuals, Michel is an ongoing work in progress that gets one thinking and then, realizing these images are so everyday life kinda relatable (the good ones).

Fashion is not only about clothes always, its about expressing yourself in art, design and thoughts and that’s just what Visual Artist (as well as lifestyle blogger, digital consultant, fashion leader and photographer) Shini Park’s Parkncube uses Instagram for: to convey that there is free side of fashlife and art and when combined, it creates visual masterpieces (and also makes you want to be that free spirited as well). 


What started as a pastime to test out Photoshop and image editing skills, the hilarious page of Sidney Prawatyotin makes sure the fashion highs from runways across the world can be applicable to everyday siduations. The former publicist and now humourist is out to make sure that the creativity of the industry is acknowledged and how fun and colourful fashion can be against the sometimes monochromatic and just normal backdrop of every day. Frankly speaking, it gives you a nice laugh between all the other fashion accounts we follow and clothes we wish we could have!


Win an aim to give an example to the saying ‘Age is just a number’, Grece Ghanem is not your average 52 year old, she is the fiercely fashion savvy and trend conscious quinquagenarian that has changed the face of Instagram modelling. A personal trainer by profession, a mother by calling and a self-made model at all other times, this Montreal based inspiration is on a mission: to look beautiful doing what you love!


From the sunny, coastal lands of Barcelona comes Blanca Miro Scrimieri who has hit high on the Instragram trending with her take on mix and match of classical, trendy and vintage with hints of bold colors and out there prints. The young as ever twenty five year old is not just any fashion consultant but a legit inspiration with her ‘be yourself’ mantra which reflects in her fashion forward and bespoke style!


Incorporating the importance of ethnic wear with her modern fashion sense, designer Lisa Folawiyo  has successfully flourished our feeds with beautifully designed elements of Anakara aesthetics (or more commonly known as West African Wear) with each piece seeming like it has a story to tell about Africa! This ‘all in one creative powerhouse’ also focusses on providing suitable everyday fashion solutions while promoting love for culture.

Main photo: Courtesy of @Chebmoha