Ever since we saw Pippa Middleton wearing some seriously gorgeous heels with glitzy butterflies at the Royal Wedding, we started our search for these fabulous creations and this is how we came across Aruna Seth. Our first meeting with her was two years ago during a very intimate trunk show where she presented her collection at the Address hotel here in Dubai and this is when we had our first Carrie Bradshaw moment…

Aruna launched her same-name brand back in 2009 in London and took the city by a fashion storm that went international. Some of her clientele include IT girls like Kate Hudson, Elizabeth McGovern, Pixie Lott and Pippa Middleton, do we need to say more?
We were blown away when we saw the designs, which are truly amazing in a posh, cool and yet elegant flair. Handcrafted in Venice from the finest materials and adorned with embellished butterflies, Aruna Seth shoes got famous for their cashmere-touch comfort of evening pumps that are timelessly beautiful. The signature though is the intricate Swarowski embellished butterfly that adorns each shoe. Butterflies are associated with soul, grace and beauty – principles that are core to Aruna, so no wonder butterflies took her places.

During Aruna’s recent trip to Dubai we got the chance to sit down and talk all things…shoes.

ShoesTova: After meeting you two years ago, we were blown away by your designs, what are the latest developments at Aruna Seth?
Aruna Seth: We’re opening our first stand-alone stores in London and Dubai this year; plus we have Shanghai coming up. We just opened in Beijing last month and we’re excited to see how China will take Aruna Seth.


Shoestova: We heard about your unique customizing services and that you really don’t stop at size 41. A few of our girlfriends wear only your designs just because of their sizes. What is the secret?
Aruna: We love making our private clients happy and customizing shoes. You can pick the color combinations for your pair, the color of the butterfly – it’s really up to your imagination. We make shoes from [size] 30 to 43; yes, it’s more expensive and time-consuming for us, but we love our customers and bespoke customer service is our priority;  part of luxury is making clients happy. A lot of brands don’t do sales by private appointments, they focus on wholesale but we like having that one-to-one luxury approach.

Shoestova:  We can see your designs in white and pastel colors as very bridal because that’s exactly how dream bridal shoes should be; pointy, classic and with a little bit of bling…is there anything special being created in Aruna Seth wedding department?
Aruna: Bridal shoes are a very big part of our business and we’ve worked with a lot of celebrities on their special occasions. Currently we’re working with a famous TV presenter who’s getting married in April; we have customized a bridal pair for her, so you’ll be seeing it in magazines here, in the US and UK.Sides

Shoestova: Your shoes are also  something that is associated with evening wear, but we see you wearing them day and night; how do you style your shoes? Shoes or outfit first?
Aruna: I always dress starting from the feet up. Today I have my baggy jeans on with pointy toe crimson butterfly heels and off-the-shoulder white cotton top to create this super trendy effortless off-duty glam.

Shoestova: So…Heels  or flats?
Aruna: I love heels, they are definitely more feminine, but when we talk about Aruna Seth flats they’re exceptional. Our flats are our bestsellers because we create very feminine WOW flats. So you can definitely wear our flats with your evening gown. The whole thing about Aruna Seth shoes is that they “dress” any outfit.

Shoestova: We shop our butterfly shoes at our favorite Level Shoe District here in Dubai. For our readers who want Aruna Seth shoes but aren’t lucky enough to have them in their city, what is the solution?
Aruna: They can e-mail us at where they can pick from what is available or customize their pair. It takes around 10 weeks for customization but if you pick from what is on offer we can ship from London immediately.


Shoestova: What is the most exciting project you’re working on right now?
Aruna: We have a really cool collaboration coming up with Rani Zakhem; he’s a Lebanese designer and he has this amazing material that he used for the new collection. It should be out in June-July this year and it will be available in Level Shoe District. The collection is exclusive for the region, made using multicolored material with our signature butterflies; we’re excited to showcase it and we hope the Middle East loves it as much as we do.


Aruna Seth shoes are available at Level Shoe District, Dubai Mall.
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