g o l d

Shoestova takes over @operagallery Instagram tonight (8pm) to reveal “g o l d” – A Curated Multi-Artist Exhibition dedicated to a Medium that Transcends Cultures and Generations.

Creative Direction and Styling NATALIA SHUSTOVA

Gold is Success, Achievement and Triumph.

Gold is Prosperity, Luxury and Quality.

Gold is Prestige, Sophistication, Value and Elegance.

Gold, is by far the most valuable commodity. Associated with energy and the power of the sun, it illuminates and enhances everything around. Gold is the color of winners – first place medals are always gold.
Most importantly it is the color of higher ideals, wisdom and enlightenment.

Some of the most illustrious examples of the use of gold come from the Arab world; Byzantine-style gold mosaics in mosques and golden calligraphy. The East was captivated by gold in the form of paintings of bejewelled royals. Throughout history till the present, gold continues to spark the human imagination in the most eloquent forms. Today the concept of gold as an art form, is celebrated by a whole new generation of artists.

Well known for solo exhibitions of some of the world’s most renowned artists, it’s the first time Opera Gallery showcases a multi-artist curated exhibition under one theme – g o l d.

Over 25 internationally renowned artists showcase their unparalleled interpretations of the precious metal in various forms: Iconic pop art from Roy Lichtenstein, Kossi Aguessey’s golden doll sculptures, works of Roy Nachum and the ever-popular LOVE sculptures of Robert Indiana to name a few – for those in the know.

We always draw major inspiration from art, and this was our chance to immerse ourselves into the fusion of art and fashion : an editorial where the most coveted AW17 styles in gold melt into some of the world’s best pieces of art. 

The (invitation only) launch of “gold” is happening tonight at Opera Gallery, DIFC at 8pm and Shoestova will report LIVE from this very special happening.

Make sure to follow @opera gallery IG stories, and see you there TONIGHT!

“gold” at Opera Gallery Dubai will be running from 5th – 19th October 2017


Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC); Gate Village, Building 3
Instagram: @operagallery / Facebook: @operagalleryofficial

ruffled silk dress by Petar Petrov // metallic leather cropped trousers by Petar Petrov // metallic lace dress by Jelena Bin Drai // pleated v-neck dress by Adam Lippes