Summer is in full swing both for those partying in Ibiza, and for those of us, still at work, gift shopping until the date X, when we’ll finally jet off to our beloved vacation. In either cases, let’s admit it: We all want those glowing skin, lush hair and genuinely happy summer instaspam shots. For that to happen we’ve gathered an essential “Summer Survival” edit with Robinsons to keep you beautified from inside and out.

1. Hydrate
Try out infused water – it tastes better and looks more appealing, leaving you hydrated. It’s as simple as adding a few berries, some mint or a cucumber with lemon slices to your water. 

2. Smothies+Juices
Might as well go an detox for a couple of days, you’ll probably be too busy shopping, or snorkelling to even have the time to eat. Smoothies are superb for carving your appetite, while juices are the perfect refreshments. 

3. Healthy Bowles
Breakfast with an organic Açai bowl that you will first Instastory/Snapchat (because it looks to gorgeous), lunch with a Rice Noodle Bowl, and dinner with a smoothie of your choice or our selection. Plus don’t forget to…

4. Snack
Summer should be: fun, enjoyment, and preparations to Milan(o) Fashion week. Therefore, we’re snacking on buckwheat granola, kale chips, raw veggie crackers and matcha bars ( for energy !)

Summer Breeze 
For that summery perfume that will actually last the entire day, we’ve discovered Edward Bess LA FEMME BOHÈME. It’s intense fragrance that gradually airs out leaving an intricate essence on your skin.
Skin moisturizers have never been as good as Jo Malone’s – that’s all we can say. (We also casually just added Lime Basil & Mandarin Scent diffuser and English Pear & Freesia candle to our shopping cart… as we dream of the upcoming vacations).

Intricate details
In essence it’s the small details that make us feel great – like soft plump skin and beautiful hair. In the harsh summer months, it’s vital to take extra care of them. For this we’ve taken the lush aromas and instant effects of Laura Mercier’s Body & Bath collection. The almond coconut milk sugar scrub leaves skin soft and smooth, while the creme brûlée honey bath nourishes it to perfection.
For hair care, Joelle’s line offers superb Intensive care leave-in creme and ultimate sunscreen hair spray, much needed to avoid loss of colour and shine.

There’s no room for heavy foundations and ombre eyeshadow. Follow skincare religiously and keep it carefree in the make-up department with light bronzers and lip balms for the summer. Do not forget the sun-protection.

Creative direction SHOESTOVA TEAM

Created for ROBINSONS

All items available at Robinsons, Festival City, Dubai