Fashion Weeks are just around the corner with invites to shows and parties will start pouring in no time. That excites and stresses us over the series outfit planning that has to be done. On the constant search for the next WOW thing, we have come across a clutch of unparalleled coolness! Impress the crowd – check. Stand out – check. Unique – check.

Ladies, we’d like to intercede you to L’alingi – a super quirky, feminine and unique brand based in London and influenced by exponential Japanese fake food movement! Using unconventional materials and art of mimicking real food and confectionary the has introduced stunning statement pieces. 

Our favorite pick is the Jasmine Black Scoop Clutch. It’s a masterpiece of a clutch.  The inside finishing and intricate detailing is SMART. For all those of us who constantly threat over smudged lipstick (or any other make-up disaster/ lipstick on your teeth anyone?) the clutch has a mirror inside that will allow you to check the situation with just one glance inside. It perfectly fits an iPhone (yes and even 7Plus) and few other necessities (lipstick/compact).

We were lucky enough to chat with the founder and designer of L’alingi – Alia Zaki Ali and find out more about her brand: 

Shoestova: Your collection is strongly inspired by food (sweets particularly), where do you draw your inspiration from?
Alia: There’s something about sweets that makes almost everyone smile. But for myself personally, I have always had a sweet tooth, with a special spot for ice cream. I think this was brought on by my regular trips to the nearby Gelateria with my father, the highlight of my week. I still fondly remember the scent of the cooling machines and friendly cows painted on the walls of the shop, so I suppose it’s the childhood nostalgia that is brought up by sweets in particular that inspired this collection.
In terms of design inspiration, it has to be my colourful trip to Japan last year where I was exposed to new techniques of representing ‘fake food’ within fashion without it looking too ‘plastic’. The challenge was combining the two opposite elements of luxury accessories and an eclectic mixture of food in a harmonious way.

S: What was the most exciting moment after launching your brand? What was the most challenging in preparation to launch?
A: Getting a glimpse at the public’s reaction at the brand launch in Tranoi Paris has to be the most exciting moment! Whether the passer-buyers loved the brand or not, all stopped, smiled and were completely fascinated with the design, which gave me all the confirmation I needed to validate that this was the right path for me.
The most challenging part was definitely the period of translating my ideas into the actual product because of the complexity of my ideas and the intricate nature of the details of my designs.

                                                                                                             Designer Alia Zaki Ali with Jasmina Yellow Scooper Clutch

S: In the fashion industry, people are always jumping from one “new and different” thing to another. How does your brand plan on gaining their customer’s loyalty?
A: That’s a very true point, and actually one of the main ideas that overwhelmed me during the launch – how to keep the buyers interested? It takes time to reach a wider audience and in doing so to grow and sustain a brand, whilst getting the brand image familiarised by the masses. But too much familiarity gets boring, which is why I aspire to constantly develop new ideas to maintain the ‘surprise element’ present throughout the brand image.

S: The Middle East is well known for its love of the exotic and everything luxury. Do you believe you can be successful in this market?
A: Yes, I definitely think the brand will be successful if it adopts the three main criteria of the Middle Eastern luxury market: exclusivity, quality and desirability. L’alingi aspires to be the brand that offers select handmade statement pieces in limited quantities over mass production, meeting the element of exclusivity. High quality production is achieved by using the latest cutting-edge material, techniques and equipment, also justifying the price level. Most of all the design’s show-stopping never-before-seen wow-factor fuels consumer’s desire for the clutch.  

S: What do you think about the Middle Eastern women and our fashion, do you feel like we can make it somewhere on the map of fashion capitals?
A: I definitely think there is more to Middle Eastern women than mere purchasing power – there is a genuine admiration for constantly maintaining an edgy yet stylish look. Middle Eastern women are quite adventurous in their hunt for new trends, and are more accepting of daring and eclectic styles then perhaps most women who would shy away from the different designs; so I think it is this bold outlook that will be sure to bring us on the map of fashion capitals very soon. 

L’alingi has already received great positive reactions and grabbed the attention of fashion influencers and buyers around the world. The new SS18 collection will be presented at the London Fashion Week in September 17. 

L’alingi clutches are available online at and in S*uce boutiques across UAE.