Tights have re-emerged as the attention-grabbing fashion trend, thanks to Balenciaga, Celine and Gucci, and now we cannot stop wearing them!

BALENCIAGA knife pumps / DANSE LENTE bag / BEAUFILLE dress 

What makes this season’s vibrant hosiery so interesting is that the bold pops of color are being paired with relatively straightforward clothes. However, the trend certainly demands confidence, requiring most wearers to step out of their comfort zone.

We know it’s complicated, but you cannot deny the fact that tights grant a certain allure of sophistication, masking imperfections and enhancing shapes.

Photo: Courtesy of Pinterest, @PernilleTeisbaek  

They have become an additional styling tool that can add some edge to your look, so, whether you already have a few pairs or none at all, have a look at Pernille Teisbaek (our latest obsession) for inspiration. Her ability to impeccably incorporate trends into her minimalistic Scandinavian style always leaves us speechless. 

Find our selection of vibrant and bold hosiery below because one thing we’ve learned this season is: the brighter the better.