It is the hottest summer accessory this season: The Straw Bag. Introduced in variety of shapes and sizes by upscale luxury and downscale high street brands, it was one of the biggest style icons, Jane Birkin, who popularized the round basket bags. Most probably picked up at some seaside market, Birkin wore the bag both to casual strolls down the street and to most the glamorous of parties. Inspired by this timeless item, and after much searching we have found the perfect one.

The sold-out Muuñ straw bag is the ideal summer accessory. The Ghanian-French brand is the result of an intricate exchange of influences, knowledge based on values, and respect for both craft and materials. The bags are hand-woven and hand-dyed, and come in variety of sizes and styles with inner removable cotton pouches making them utter comfort to wear and style.

We love them not only because they add a vintage and sophisticated vibe to any outfit, but also because of how versatile and functional they are – perfect for sitting on grass at the park or attending glamorous summer parties.

  Muuñ straw bag is modish, practical, eco-friendly and an absolute Instagram star!