Forget the Parisian chic, Nordic cool is the way to dress! Stylish inhabitants of Sweden, Denmark and Norway are having their moment due to their minimalistic and effortless cool sense of style. 

Credit:Courtney Trop

Scandinavian It girl never compromises her comfort to fashion even though fashion is a part of her daily life. Key to success? Outfits are strategically thought through! Comfortable, stylish and easy to move –  3 main things a Scandinavian woman considers when dressing for any occasion. 

Credit:Linda Tol

Layering is one of the main and unique traits of Scandinavian style. The look is always laid back, cool and sophisticated. 

Credit:Linda Tol

Giving preference to flat shoes such as is sneakers, to compliment the footwear they opt for matching socks. Ideally, the combo becomes an extension of their outfit matching its color scheme. 

Credit:Pernille Teisbaek

Current Scandi trend that we embrace with open hands is wearing sneakers with socks. The key is to match the color of the socks with your outfit or sneakers. It should be an extension of your outfit, in unison with the rest of your look. 

Best tip on how to wear sneakers with socks is to pair them with flowy maxi/midi dresses or skirts and you’ve already mastered effortless, comfy and chic as hell Scandi style!