It is the time of the ugly sneakers! A trend which started last autumn is going stronger than ever at the moment and designers such as Prada, Balenciaga and Acne show off their fresh takes on these chunky (yet cozy) sneakers. 

However, the award for the stand-out pair would definitely go to Balenciaga’s Triple S sneaker : The most attention-grabbing and sold-out everywhere sole of 2017. It has four soles layered on top of each other which makes the sneakers unlike anything we’d seen before. The label constantly keeps dropping the sneaker in new and interesting color combinations such as a metallic silver with red accents, as well as bright yellow and beige pairs. For their new SS’18 collection is likely to include nude-tones as well as bolder color schemes of blue, orange, and yellow so keep an eye on it. 

Joining the ranks of brand’s with ugly sneakers (such as Acne’s Manhattan and Stella McCartney’s Eclypse), Louis Vuitton has dropped their first collection of Archlight sneakers with an unconventional, futuristic and chunky silhouette. The sneaker comes in various colorways, designs (even with its famed LV logo) and hits all the right “ugly” notes making them another desired pair for this year. 

These intentionally ugly sneakers are meant to be worn with elegantly tailored trousers and oversized jackets, elegant blouses and feminine dresses/skirts with matching socks for an upgraded normcore look.

Having said that, not everyone is willing to invest in such a pair. There are more affordable brands out there that have been doing this most coveted accessory for athleisure street style for years, and now it’s their time to shine (such as these Fila Disruptor sneakers). 

Whether you want to indulge in luxurious version of these “ugly” sneakers or into something that will hit the wallet less, find our latest selection of chunky sneakers below. 

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest