The moment I stepped onto the white sand of the island, I had a feeling that everyone at Cocoa Island already knew me, doing everything possible to make me happy in this paradise of an island.

The Villa

Cocoa Island is a very small boutique-type of resort which is my personal favorite; it was only 33 over-water villas on the entire island. All 5 stars just without the posh-ness: Super beautiful and super simple at the same time. You will not find latest technology or Versace sofas, it’s very comfortable, very cozy with everything tailored to make you experience nature rather than the furniture in your room.


It wasn’t my first time at Maldives, and despite all the attributes of the perfect “Maldives vacation” from the gorgeous tan to the azure waters, Cocoa also had exquisite food. I never had more flavorsome food in my travels and it was a true fine-dining experience which is not so easy to find when you travel to islands.

The Spa

I would say that the entire stay is a spa with the beautiful turquoise lagoon, palm trees and white sand around. The real spa: COMO Shambhala Retreat was something I really enjoyed too. We were treated with three holistic wellness treatments. I don’t remember much of it because I fell asleep after the first 5 minutes of the massage, which is very rare for me as I am a very energetic person (it really was that good!).  We loved it and so we indulged ourselves as much as we could, coming back for massages and facials at least twice a day.


It was never boring!  You can do anything from romantic dinners on the sand bank to being taken for a sunset cruise with dolphins. Every single day of our stay in Cocoa Island was full of new stories and new experiences.

The reef on the island is UNBELIEVABLE; I never saw such variety of amazing marine life! We used to spend 2-3 hours every morning just snorkeling around our villa and being in a different world.

Once we were followed by a triggerfish – which we found quite entertaining (despite being told that this fishy could be dangerous). During our parasailing we were lucky enough to see everything from turtles to massive whales.

My verdict: I’m coming back!

During these four wonderful days in Maldives, we were COMPLETELY disconnected from our stress and all things ‘business’ awaiting us back in Dubai… Cocoa really is a magical island!

Since the resort was super small, in the very first evening we got introduced to each and every single person there and we were the only couple visiting the island for the first time; the rest of the people were on their 10th to 20th  visit which showed me a lot. So the resort is booked much in advance by the loyal guests who really admire and cherish the paradise.

It is utter bliss even in the sense of logistics; after a long flight from Dubai to Male, the speed boat journey to the island is incredibly fun and refreshing, so I’m definitely visiting again. That shall be it, because I want to keep Cocoa a secret, and don’t want to share my experience with anyone (ahahahah)… I want to keep the haven all to myself – that’s how you feel at the end of your vacation. Let it be our little secret, guys! Cocoa is not just an island, it’s a paradise.

COCOA Island by COMO

Cocoa Island by COMO
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