We strive to live every day with an optimistic outlook on life and try to find beauty in every place, person and moment; Maldives is where all these meet in a wonderful fusion, creating an inexplicable paradise of dreams.


No place has been more talked about, marvelled on, gossiped or dreamed about in the last two decades than the Maldives. It’s exactly how you see it on those perfect postcards – the whitest sandy beaches you’ll ever see in your life, the glittering shockingly-azzure-blue and translucent water, and the feeling of complete privacy and isolation. If you’re lucky to witness it real-life once, Maldives will steal your heart and bury it deep in the ocean, always beckoning you to return. There are places that you see and tick off your travel list, but the love affair with Maldives continues forever. If you’ve been following ShoesTova you probably know that Maldives, I Love (special capital) and I keep on exploring. When talking about travels, I very often heard the word “Baros” from friends when the topic was on Maldives; so I decided to tick off the resort from my bucket list and in the end of May Project Baros was accomplished.


Baros Premier Pool Villa Deck Baros Maldives review



Baros Maldives is a 4 hour flight away from Dubai and 25 minutes on speedboat from the Maldives International Airport to the most beautiful heaven on this planet. Set amidst the Indian ocean, the small tropical island feels like a completely different world (maybe even universe), which makes it the ultimate romantic long weekend escape. The luxury boutique resort boasts 45 beachside and 30 water villas offering you a home either in the lush tropical garden or at sea. Our’s was 119, a corner water villa opening up “postcard” views of the endless sea horizon from one side and the white sands of the gorgeous beach from the other… From our stay we’ve figured out that best views of the never ending azure blue open up from the water pool villas numbers  310-314 and 116-124, while the fastest access to snorkelling in the divine reefs is in villas 101-105; we, for example, dived into water right from the terrace of our villa…

Baros Maldives review by shoestova

Baros Residence Deck

Baros Residence Deck



Lush and lux property are not the only reasons to love Baros. The entire island is an 8-minute walk from end to another, and yet there we were, deciding “where should we dine tonight” and contemplating on how to manage all the activities planned for the day – every single day of our stay. As you’ve figured, Baros has no lack of options with 5 splendid venues. Our favourite? It’s hard to choose but we’d probably say Lighthouse with their scallops and lobster bisque in particular (even the memories make my mouth water). The restaurant also has a lounge on the second floor And on Wednesday they had a live Jazz band playing. We experienced this: drop-dead gorgeous views, amazing live jazz and a glass of champagne – the definition of paradise in our books. That was of our evenings, while the mornings were just as good: In-room breakfast set up on the terrace of our water villa and views of the horizon while we sipped our morning coffee…Take us back!!



Spa Garden


Arrival Jetty

Spa Treatment Room

Yes, it’s an island of bliss and relaxation but at Baros we were enthralled with experiences. Guess what, you can even get (happy from an amazing day) tired.  If you think Maldives are all about lazy tanning on the beach, you’re wrong. To clarify, night snorkelling with a torch and friendly (harmless) sharks around you, is slightly terrifying for a first, however the reef is teeming with turtles, myriad species of fish and other various marine creatures that are so worth seeing. That is one of the unforgettable experiences offered at Baros. Fishing is the next best thing: a hook, a fishing line and bait. That’s literally all you get. And trust me, my first catch left me jumping with excitement and delight! Pulling your first fish out of the water is an ecstatic feeling, having it for lunch the next day was even more fun (my Paleo diet was at it’s purest form and top game!) !





The best part about Baros and Maldives though is the romance of it all…We watched the sun set while cruising on a luxury boat with champagne, had romantic walks along the beach and shared so many intimate moments where it was just us and the nature. However, the Piano deck breakfast was simply unmatched…In the middle of nowhere, amidst the azure blue waters, we were on wooden gazebo with wind playing with the white curtains, champagne and the entire beauty of this world… the intimacy was such that we didn’t even need to speak a word…it was like a dream, so cheers to that reality!







Lime Restaurant

No words were necessary at the SPA at Baros Maldives either – I’ve officially had the best massage of my life (Baros Signature Massage). Caution, you might want to just bury yourself here! In true Baros style, the SPA is built around the concept of connecting with nature and yourself. Don’t expect tons of high tech devices or anything…the beauty is in the simplicity and you’ll probably reach Nirvana thanks to the super skilled staff.



Water Pool Villa Bathroom


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Baros Maldives is an island of peace, harmony, nature, smiling people and amazing reefs. From our stay we know one thing for sure, we’re definitely coming back. Everything from the staff and service to the entertainment and the very small details – surpassed our expectations. Until the next time, Baros!


Beach Dinner

Water Villa Interior


Palm Garden Panorama

Baros Villa

Water Pool Villa Aerial


Baros Maldives 

PO Box 2015, Male’ 20-02, Republic of Maldives

Tel: +960 664 26 72


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